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JUNE 8, 2023

DIPLOMACY: Agenda of Mrs. Kitoko Gata: Two young ambassadors join forces to promote cooperation between Chad and Côte d'Ivoire In a promising gesture of diplomatic cooperation, Chad's Ambassador to the United States, HE Mrs. Kitoko Gata, and her Côte d'Ivoire counterpart, HE Ibrahima Touré, recently decided to work together to promote the interests of their compatriots and their respective countries. These two young ambassadors highlighted their geographical proximity, their common vision, their open-mindedness and their optimism for the future of Africa. This collaboration promises to bring many economic and diplomatic benefits to their nations.

A dynamic partnership: The starting point for this fruitful collaboration lies in the proximity of the embassies of Chad and Côte d'Ivoire, located a few steps from each other. This geographical proximity will facilitate exchanges, coordination and implementation of joint projects between the two countries. The ambassadors realised that their enhanced cooperation could open up new perspectives and opportunities for their respective citizens. The youth and freshness of the ambassadors also played a key role in shaping this partnership. Having both recently taken office, they bring dynamism and innovative vision to their diplomatic work. Their common energy pushes them to go beyond traditional approaches and explore new ways to promote the interests of their countries.

A common vision and shared goals: H.E. Mrs. Kitoko Gata and H.E. Mr. Ibrahima Touré share a common vision focused on increased communication with their diasporas in the United States. They understand the importance of maintaining strong ties with their compatriots living abroad and involving them in the development initiatives of their home countries. In addition, the ambassadors pledged to actively seek economic opportunities for their nationals and to foster the establishment of U.S. companies in their respective countries. They firmly believe that strong economic partnerships can drive growth, create jobs and improve the lives of their nations' citizens.

Contagious optimism: When they met at the Embassy of Côte d'Ivoire, the atmosphere was marked by fraternity and optimism. HE Ibrahima Touré took the opportunity to solemnly invite Ms. Kitoko to participate in the Entrepreneurship Day organized by her Embassy on June 24, 2023. This invitation demonstrates their willingness to support economic and entrepreneurial initiatives and to create an environment conducive to innovation and growth. To symbolize their shared commitment, the two ambassadors concluded their meeting with a tour of the Embassy's radio studio. This reflects their desire to promote communication and spread positive messages about their respective countries.

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