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African Diplomatic Corps (ADC): Follow-up on the US-Africa Leaders Summit with Special Guest Ambassador Johnnie Carson 

US-Africa Cooperation: Positive Results and Concrete Commitments for the Future 

On June 27, 2023, Ambassador Kitoko Gâta, representing Chad in the United States, participated in a special meeting of the African Diplomatic Corps (ADC) with special guest Ambassador Johnnie Carson. Ambassador Carson highlighted the recent success of the US-Africa Leaders Summit and the measures taken to implement its resolutions. He emphasized the United States' commitment to Africa, including a $55 billion financial aid over three years, primarily focused on strengthening existing programs. Investments in infrastructure and businesses were also announced. To enhance exchanges, it was proposed to shorten the frequency of meetings and organize mini-summits on specific issues. Ambassador Kitoko Gata praised the concrete commitments of the United States towards Africa and expressed satisfaction with the progress in cooperation between the two countries. 

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