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The summer of 2023 was marked by an extraordinary event, organized under the auspices of UNESCO, which brought together hundreds of young students from all over the world. This event, held in Frederick, Maryland, was made even more remarkable by the presence of Chad's ambassador, Kitoko, who brought a special dimension to this educational and intercultural celebration.

Ambassador Kitoko played a vital role as a prominent personality and representative of his country, bringing deep diplomatic significance to this event. As a former ambassador of the UNESCO Centre for Peace for many years, he understands the importance of education and intercultural exchange for the development of tomorrow's young leaders.

The UNESCO-sponsored Summer Camp was made possible thanks to the unwavering devotion of the organizers, especially Mr Guy Djoken and Whitaker Common at Hood College. Their commitment over the past 15 years has created a unique educational platform, allowing young students to share their knowledge and learn the decision-making mechanisms, as well as to become familiar with the cutting-edge technologies of our modern world.

The presence of young students from high schools around the world gave this meeting an authentic and enriching character. In particular, the participation of Chadian students was welcomed and applauded by all participants. UNESCO offered the students of Chad the precious opportunity to live this international educational adventure, and this did not fail to mark the importance of education for Chadian youth, as well as for the leadership of their nation, led by Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno.


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