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The official launch of the referendum votes in Washington DC by His Excellency Kitoko Gata Ngoulou

In a landmark event that marks a significant step towards democratic engagement, His Excellency Kitoko Gata Ngoulou officially launched the referendum votes in Washington DC today. The ceremony, held at 9:00 AM, gathered a diverse audience of citizens, officials, and dignitaries, symbolizing a collective commitment to the democratic process.

His Excellency Kitoko Gata Ngoulou, a figure of great importance and leadership, graced the occasion with his presence, underlining the significance of the referendum and the democratic values it upholds. The event served as a powerful reminder of the importance of civic participation and the right of the people to express their views on critical matters that impact the nation.

The launch ceremony was not only a formal initiation of the voting process but also a celebration of democracy and the principles that underpin it. Citizens from various backgrounds and walks of life gathered to cast their votes, contributing to shaping the future of the nation.

The atmosphere was one of anticipation and enthusiasm, reflecting the gravity of the decisions at hand. As citizens lined up to exercise their democratic right, there was a palpable sense of civic duty and responsibility.

This event not only signifies a pivotal moment for Chad but also echoes the broader global commitment to democracy and the values that underlie it. The participation of citizens in the referendum process demonstrates a shared understanding of the importance of active involvement in shaping the course of governance.

As the votes continue to be cast and the democratic process unfolds, the launch event will be remembered as a testament to the resilience of democratic values and the commitment of the people to have their voices heard. The outcomes of the referendum will undoubtedly shape the future trajectory of Chad

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