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JUNE 17, 2023

AGENDA SEM KITOKO GATA: Ambassador Kitoko Gata honors the PROAFRICAMUSIC festival during its second edition

On the evening of Saturday, June 17, 2023, which coincided with Ms. Kitoko's birthday, after a private ceremony held at her Silver Spring residence, Ms. Kitoko attended the PROAFRICAMUSIC festival for her second season. This cultural event brings together Chadian artists and other nationalities, providing a platform for the promotion of Chadian music and culture. The second edition took place at Princess Garden Parkway in Laham, Maryland.

Ms. Kitoko, who was meeting for the first time with the Chadian diaspora, took the opportunity to send a poignant and fraternal message to her compatriots, declaring: "The Embassy of Chad is your home, and I will be the ambassador of all Chadians without exception, in accordance with the will of the Head of State, General Mahamat Déby Itno".

She stressed the importance of a renewed partnership between Chad and the United States, highlighting the enormous potential of both nations and the importance of actions to promote the country's image and assets. Ms. Kitoko praised this exceptional initiative that highlights Chadian cultural actors on American soil and expressed her wish to create a more inclusive framework, promoting synergy of actions and strengthening ties between members of the Chadian diaspora.

She also stressed the crucial role of the diaspora in Chad's socio-economic development and called for its unwavering support to federate the Chadian community and establish new cooperation ties with the United States, going beyond the already existing agreements between the two countries. Ms. Kitoko also emphasized the importance of the diaspora in the implementation of the 2030 National Development Plan, capitalizing on the skills and expertise of its members.

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