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JUNE 2023

Agenda of Mrs. Kitoko Gata, Chad's new Ambassador to the United States

Washington, D.C. – Three days after taking office as Chad's ambassador to the United States, Ms. Kitoko Gata spoke to the press today, June 7, 2023, to a group of young students from the popular Virginia-based political media outlet, Politico Media Source.

During this meeting, Ms. Kitoko Gata exchanged with young journalists on the socio-political situation of her country and shared her point of view on information related to Africa.

Ms. Kitoko Gata began by stressing the importance of seeking reliable sources of information when it comes to learning about Africa. According to her, a lot of information about Africa is biased and often does not reflect the reality of the situation. She encouraged the young students present, who were very enthusiastic to meet her, to go directly to the source to obtain accurate and objective information on the African continent.

The new ambassador also highlighted the potential of Africa and in particular her country, Chad, to succeed on the international stage. She highlighted the abundant natural resources, growing economic dynamism and investment opportunities that exist in Chad. Ms. Kitoko Gata expressed confidence that Chad can play a major role in Africa's development and in promoting cooperation with the United States.

The meeting with the young journalists lasted about 45 minutes, during which Ms. Kitoko Gata answered their questions and exchanged with them on various topics of common interest. The students were delighted to have had the opportunity to speak directly with the ambassador and learn more about the reality of the situation in Chad.


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