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AGENDA: Meeting between H.E. Mr. Kitoko Gata, Ambassador of Chad to the United States, and Ms. Amy E. Holman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs at the Department of State

As part of his diplomatic duties to strengthen bilateral relations between Chad and the United States, HE Kitoko Gata, Chad's new Ambassador to the United States, met on Thursday, July 6, 2023, with Ms. Amy E. Holman, Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs at the Department of State. This meeting was an important opportunity to renew the friendship between the two countries, strengthen the existing relationship and discuss several topics of common interest.

Ms. Amy E. Holman, a career member of the Senior Foreign Service, was recently appointed Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Bureau of African Affairs in November 2021. With her diplomatic experience and deep knowledge of the African region, she plays a key role in developing and managing U.S. policy toward the African continent. Prior to her current appointment, Ms. Holman held several senior positions within the Department of State, including Deputy Chief of Mission at the U.S. Embassy in Dakar.

During the meeting between H.E. Mr. Kitoko Gata and Mrs. Amy E. Holman, discussions focused on various aspects of cooperation between Chad and the United States. Key topics discussed included humanitarian assistance, security, and the ongoing economy in Chad. The two sides expressed their willingness to strengthen existing ties and explore new opportunities for cooperation in these key areas.

For Chad, this meeting is of great significance because it provides an opportunity to strengthen relations with the United States and to benefit from the State Department's support and expertise in critical areas such as security and economic development. As Ambassador of Chad, H.E. Mr. Kitoko Gata plays a key role in strengthening these relationships and advancing his country's interests in the United States.

This meeting marks an important milestone in H.E. Mr. Kitoko Gata's tenure as Chad's Ambassador to the United States and demonstrates Chad's commitment to strengthening its relationship with the United States. The outcomes of the meeting promise closer cooperation between the two countries and pave the way for new partnership opportunities in the fields of security, economy and humanitarian assistance.

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