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Key Meeting Between the Ambassador of Chad, H.E. Kitoko Gata, and Vista Group Holding SA Leaders for the Establishment of Vista Bank in Chad

On September 20, 2023, H.E. Kitoko Gata, Ambassador of Chad to the United States, met with Mr. Simon

Tiemtore, Chairman of the Vista Group and CEO of LILIUM, along with four of his colleagues, including Vice
Presidents Thierry Hot and Stéphane OUEDRAOGO, in New York on the sidelines of the United Nations
General Assembly. The discussions centered on the upcoming establishment of Vista Bank in Chad.
Vista Group Holding SA is a financial services holding company with the strategic objective of building a
world-class pan-African financial services group that contributes to economic and financial inclusion in Africa.
It has entered into strategic partnerships with various global financial institutions and focuses on SMEs, trade finance, bancassurance, and innovation to become the financial institution of choice in its markets.
Oragroup SA, a banking group based in Lomé and listed on the BRVM, is also central to this initiative. Vista's
acquisition of 79.06% of Oragroup significantly expands its presence in West and Central Africa. The

combined entity will become a Tier 1 banking group covering 16 countries, with over 270 branches and assets exceeding $10 billion. This acquisition is a key step towards Vista's goal of becoming a major pan-African financial services group operating in 25 countries by 2025-26.

Another significant aspect is that Vista will serve as a platform for the Chadian diaspora in the United States
and even for Chadians in the process of transferring funds without taxes or transfer fees. You can open an
account in the United States and use it in Chad without any issues, and vice versa. A considerable advantage, eliminating transfer fees.
The detailed integration plan is based on a track record of success and includes a target operating model,
meticulous Day 1 preparation, and the pursuit of country-specific synergies.
In summary, this meeting between the Ambassador of Chad and the leaders of Vista Group Holding SA
illustrates Vista's commitment to becoming a major player in finance in Africa and contributing to the
continent's economic development.


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