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Fraternal Meeting Between the Ambassador of Chad and a Colombian Delegation

On Wednesday, October 11, 2023, Her Excellency Kitoko Gata, Ambassador of the Republic of Chad to the United States of America, had the honor of receiving a Colombian delegation consisting of around twenty members. These Colombians were in the United States as part of a conference organized by the American Federation of UNESCO Clubs and Associations, with a focus on education and peace.

This Colombian delegation was led by Dr. Luis Fernando Niño Lopez, the High Peace Commissioner representing the Governor of the Norte Santander region in Colombia, and General Milton Orlando Vargas, Chief of the Department of High Strategic Studies at the Military University of Colombia.

This fraternal meeting provided an opportunity for Her Excellency the Ambassador to reaffirm the Chadian Head of State's commitment to strengthening the bonds between the Chadian people and the friendly Colombian people. She expressed her desire to promote a mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries, centered on education, cultural exchanges, and economic ties.

The High Peace Commissioner conveyed a message from his governor, extending a formal invitation to the Ambassador to visit his region in Colombia.

The General, on the other hand, provided a detailed presentation of the Military University he leads, emphasizing the importance of peace and the fight against extremism. He generously offered four scholarships, including two for in-person study and two for online study, to Chadian citizens.

Mr. Guy Djoken, President of the American Federation of UNESCO Clubs, expressed his satisfaction and warmly thanked the General for these four scholarships. This act of generosity will contribute to strengthening South-South cooperation, an initiative promoted by the American Federation of UNESCO Clubs.

This meeting highlighted the importance of education and peace in international relations while opening up new avenues of collaboration between Chad and Colombia. It exemplifies the power of cultural exchanges and international partnerships in promoting a better and more harmonious world.



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