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Congressional Briefing on Women in Diplomacy and Legislative Processes.

SE Kitoko Gata Ngoulou participated on Monday, June 3, 2024, in the "Congressional Briefing on Women in Diplomacy and Legislative Processes."

This congressional briefing was organized by the US Institute of Diplomacy and Human Rights and the International Defenders Council, with the support of Representative Bill Huizenga, as part of the ongoing celebration of the International Day of Women in Diplomacy.
The event saw the participation of several female ambassadors, including those from Australia, Armenia, Mauritania, Costa Rica, and Chad.
In a captivating speech that held the audience's attention, the Ambassador of Chad to the United States stated: "We recognize the significant contributions of women in transforming our societies and promoting peace and sustainable development."
He then added: "Today, we highlight not only the achievements but also the challenges women face in these fields. Despite progress, women still encounter barriers that hinder their full participation in politics and diplomacy, such as gender biases and institutional obstacles. Our focus must be on actionable strategies to overcome these challenges. We need to work together to dismantle these barriers and create environments where women can succeed. This means implementing policies that support gender equality, ensuring equal access to education and professional development, and fostering a culture of inclusivity and respect."

And he concluded: "Moving forward, let us commit to creating a global environment where women are empowered to lead and succeed. Let us advocate for policies that ensure women's security and advancement in their professional environments."


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