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Chadian Diaspora: Unity and Prosperity
Ambassador's Inspiring Speech to the Chadian Community in Indiana

Saturday, June 1, 2024

The Chadian ambassador, accompanied by several influential dignitaries from the diaspora, reaffirmed the Chadian government's commitment to supporting and strengthening ties with its diaspora. Her speech, filled with gratitude and hope, highlighted the vital contributions of the community abroad and called for greater involvement in Chad's socio-economic development.

Through this address, the ambassador not only celebrated past achievements but also outlined a clear path for the future, emphasizing the importance of unity, solidarity, and international cooperation. This historic moment laid the foundation for a renewed partnership and galvanized the community to continue working together for a prosperous and harmonious Chad.

A Historic Visit

This visit marks the ambassador's first in an associative context, underlining the importance of the diaspora to both the president and herself. Their objective is clear: to go wherever Chadians are to build a prosperous Chad together.

A United and Supportive Community

The ambassador praised the ongoing efforts of the Chadian Community of Indiana since its creation in 2004 by visionary pioneers such as Mr. Issa Souleymane, Mr. Abdasalam Ousmane, Mr. Abakar Nokour, and Mr. Salahadine Naffa. She stated:

"Since its creation in 2004 by visionary pioneers such as Mr. Issa Souleymane, Mr. Abdasalam Ousmane, Mr. Abakar Nokour, and Mr. Salahadine Naffa, the Chadian Community of Indiana has played an essential role in positively shaping the daily lives of Chadians living in this state. Their constant dedication and hard work have transformed this space into a home, where everyone can feel at ease, surrounded by warmth and solidarity. To these pioneers, we extend our deepest gratitude and great respect."

She also highlighted the exemplary nature of the association:

"Your association, apolitical, non-denominational, and non-profit, is a model of exemplary community organization. By respecting local and federal laws, you have built a solid structure, serving as a pillar for the integration and active participation of the Chadian diaspora in Indiana."

A Vision for the Future

In conclusion, the ambassador outlined the president's ambitions for the diaspora:

"The President wishes to promote a new dynamic generation capable of bringing innovative ideas to Chad to achieve development goals. This is why it is planned to create a Chamber of Commerce for the Chadian diaspora, which will serve as a lever for future projects and investments."

This statement marks a strong commitment from the Chadian government to its diaspora and highlights the importance of cooperation and unity for Chad's sustainable development. The Chadian diaspora is called to play a key role in realizing this vision by contributing their expertise, resources, and determination to build a better future for all.


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