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In Chad the mining legal framework is the same as that for the industrial sector in general, which falls under the following laws:

  • Investment Code (Ministry of Commerce and Industrial Promotion)

  • General Tax Code (Ministry of Finance)

  • Customs Code (Ministry of Finance and Information)

  • Labour Code (Ministry of Public Service and Labour)

  • Environmental Code (Ministry of the Environment and Tourism)


In addition, to be consistent whith changes that have occurred in the international mining industry and whith the firm intent of involving foreign investors in the development of the country’s mining sector, Chad aims at developing this economic sector.

A new mining code for Chad was drafted in June 1995 to replace the 1970 code. This legal framework sought to encourage development of competitive mining sector by attracting foreign investors.

          From a legal viewpoint there is distinction between ‘’various materials’’ and mining substances (previously name ‘quarry materials and concession substances) Exploration and mining activities for minerals substances are controlled by permits and legal titles.

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