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The Investment Charter

General provisions:

Articles 8 to 36

Articles 8 to 15 highlight the role of the State in economic and fiscal matters

These provisions highlight the favorable framework that the State is called upon to create in economic and fiscal matters in order to guarantee investments:

  • Good governance ;

  • Stable environment and appropriate legislation; 

  • Simplification of tax procedures; 

  • Reform of the financial sector in the direction of the mobilization of savings and the promotion of investment; 

  • Creation of a private guarantee fund.

Under the transitional and final provisions, the Charter grants companies approved under the regime of the former investment code (Law No. 25 / PR / 87 and Decree No. 496 / PR / 87) the right to retain the profits of various advantages and guarantees until the end of their approval, if this approval has not been revised within the framework of the tax and customs reform (Article 16).

The second part of the Charter constitutes a directory of support measures for businesses.

Private sector development measures, with an application period of five years and subject to modification taking into account the country's economic development (Article 17)

- Authorization for legally constituted companies to deduct from their taxable profits all sums involved in vocational training and job creation (Article 18)

- Temporary exemption on teaching materials and equipment imported within the framework of vocational training programs, during the execution of these programs, in accordance with the provisions of the UDEAC customs code (Article 19). The same applies to any establishment recognized by the State (Article 20)

- Exemption on the contribution of licenses to new legally constituted companies, during the period of their establishment, with the possibility of accelerated depreciation granted by the Ministry of Finance ( Article 23)

- Tax exemption on profits intended to be reinvested in the company under the control of the administration; and capital gains realized following a merger of companies (Article 28)

- Exemption from the registration fee on deeds of acquisition of land intended to house companies or allow their extension (Article 29). Article 30 grants the same privilege to contributions to a company, on the occasion of the constitution or increase of capital.

- Special advantages (tax credits and equipment premiums) for companies located in landlocked regions with difficult access to public services, such as energy, telecommunications and infrastructure (Article 21)

- Transfer guarantee capital (Article 25)

- Deduction of the tax base on Industrial and Commercial Profits to promote the restructuring of existing companies. This deduction is an amount equal to 25% of the normal depreciation over the financial year following this restructuring (Article 27).

For investment in certain priority sectors such as tourism and mining, it is planned, at the end of Article 30, specific texts specifying the technical, fiscal and financial conditions.

Good to know, it is expected (Article 36) that an investment promotion agency will be set up very soon, within which a Single Window will be housed, a structure that will facilitate the formalities of business creation for economic promoters. .

Through this framework, the Republic of Chad creates an environment conducive to national and international private investments, thereby positioning it as a crossroads in this matter.

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