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The Investment Charter

General provisions:

Articles 3 to 7

Articles 3 to 7 concern fundamental rights and guarantees relating to investments.

The Republic of Chad guarantees, subject to the legislative and regulatory provisions in force, the freedom in private investments in Chad, and the right of foreign investors to repatriate the capital representing the savings made by expatriate personnel (Article 3).

To promote lasting and equitable relations with transnational companies; 

  • To provide the SME / SMI with a legal and institutional environment favorable to its creation, development and sustainability; 

  • To create a legal framework that protects investors, as well as their assets. 

  • To create favorable conditions

In its presentation, The Investment Charter of the Republic of Chad is made up of two parts, the first of which covers general provisions and the second highlights the accompanying legal provisions.

General provisions:

It guarantees the play of competition; the protection of patents, trademarks and all forms of intellectual property; pays particular attention to public and private vocational training, as well as skills development, and the need to make labor regulations flexible in accordance with international standards (Article 4).
The promotion of legal and judicial security and the strengthening of the rule of law are highlighted in Article 5, with the same treatment accorded to both domestic and foreign investors.
Chad has established basic jurisdictional frameworks that are highly attractive to private investors. It is bound in particular by bilateral and multilateral agreements on investment guarantees, settlement of investment disputes, as well as by conventions (New York Convention on the Recognition and Enforcement of International Arbitral Awards, concluded in 1958 under the auspices of the United Nations). The country has also adhered to the Community Court of Justice and to the OHADA treaty, to which it guarantees the application of the procedures and acts of the Court of Justice and Arbitration (Article 6).

The State regulates competition and guarantees private investors the possibility of participating in the financing of economic infrastructure through public service concessions (Article 7).

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