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Visit of Chad's Ministry of Health Delegation and Muslim Aid USA to the Embassy of Chad, H.E. Kitoko Gâta Ngoulou - Strengthened Commitment to Well-being


An inspiring scene unfolded on Friday, November 17, 2023, as the delegation from Chad's Ministry of Health, led by Mr. Siniki Fanderbnet and accompanied by representatives from the NGO Muslim Aid USA, paid tribute to the Ambassador during a visit filled with gratitude and anticipation.


This meeting held profound significance, providing an ideal opportunity to warmly thank Muslim Aid USA for its initial three substantial and vital aids. The delegation, in pursuit of new collaboration and support opportunities, seized this occasion to express deep gratitude to the humanitarian organization.


In a gesture of sincerity and appreciation, ministry representatives conveyed immense thanks to Muslim Aid USA, acknowledging the considerable impact of these valuable aids on health initiatives in Chad. The Ambassador's presence added an essential diplomatic dimension to this exchange, underscoring the importance of international cooperation in the healthcare sector.


This visit showcased a shared commitment to improving healthcare conditions in Chad. The delegation, eager to bolster these successful partnerships, expressed hope for further future collaborations with Muslim Aid USA for an even greater impact in the public health domain.


Together, this meeting epitomized the spirit of cooperation and mutual assistance, paving the way for new opportunities for progress and enhanced healthcare services for the well-being of Chad's citizens.




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