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An Historic Celebration: Ambassador Kitoko Gata Commemorates Bastille Day with the French Ambassador to the United States


On July 14th, 2023, Ambassador Kitoko Gata visited the residence of the French Ambassador to the United States to participate in the historic celebration of Bastille Day. The storming of the Bastille on July 14, 1789, has long symbolized the unity of the French people and holds a significant place in France's history. 

During the event, H.E. Laurent Bili, the Ambassador of France to the United States, delivered a speech expressing gratitude to the attending guests and warmly thanked the American people for their support and kind welcome. The celebration of this momentous day further solidified the ties between the two nations and provided an opportunity to celebrate the fundamental values of freedom and unity. 

The festivities concluded with a cocktail, where the guests continued their exchanges in a friendly and convivial atmosphere. These moments of camaraderie served to strengthen diplomatic relations between Turkey, France, and the United States and highlighted the importance of international ties based on shared history and common values. 

Participating in these symbolic events, Ambassador Kitoko Gata underscored the significance of history, unity, and international relations. The celebrations not only strengthened diplomatic ties but also emphasized Chad's commitment to robust and harmonious international cooperation. 

Jacques Roger 

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