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Fruitful dialogue between women ambassadors and diplomatic representatives


JUNE 29, 2023

An inspiring evening with the participation of Ambassador Gata Kitoko: A fruitful dialogue between women ambassadors and diplomatic representatives – Agenda of 29 June 2023

H.E. Mr. Kitoko Gata, Ambassador of the Republic of Chad to the United States of America, recently responded to the invitation of the Ambassador of the Republic of Rwanda and Dean of the Women's Diplomatic Corps. This fraternal meeting brought together about twenty women ambassadors and representatives, thus offering a unique opportunity for exchange and discussion. The evening took place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, creating a conducive environment for fruitful exchanges.

The event highlighted the importance of women's representation in the diplomatic field, highlighting the essential role women play in promoting peace, cooperation and development. Participants had the opportunity to share their experiences, challenges and successes, creating a strong and inspiring network of women diplomats.

The discussions addressed various topics of common interest, such as women's empowerment, gender equality, multilateral diplomacy and the promotion of peace and security. Participants also stressed the importance of supporting and promoting women in diplomacy, creating opportunities for advancement and encouraging collaboration among women leaders.

The meeting was also an opportunity to celebrate the achievements of women ambassadors and representatives, who have made significant contributions to diplomacy and international relations. Their presence and expertise have been recognized and acknowledged, strengthening their influence and impact in their respective fields.

The evening ended in a joyful and optimistic atmosphere, with the certainty that such meetings are essential to foster the exchange of ideas, cooperation and solidarity among women diplomats. Participants expressed their gratitude to the Ambassador of Rwanda for organizing this inspiring event, providing a valuable platform for the creation of lasting links and collaborations.

In short, this beautiful evening demonstrated the strength and influence of women in the diplomatic field, while highlighting the importance of promoting their participation and leadership. The participants left the event enriched by the exchanges and new connections made, ready to continue working together for a more equal and peaceful world.

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