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CHAD/RUSSIA: The Surprise Visit of the Chadian Head of State to Moscow: Geopolitics and Reaffirmation of Sovereignty


The President of the Chadian transitional government, Mahamat Idriss Déby Itno, made an unexpected visit to Moscow, meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Déby emphasized that Chad considers Russia a "brotherly country," and this visit aims to strengthen bilateral relations.

Vladimir Putin congratulated Déby on his success in stabilizing the situation in Chad, expressing Russia's commitment to contribute in every possible way. These warm exchanges highlight the strengthening of relations between the two countries in recent years.

This visit carries significant geopolitical implications, underscoring Russia's influence efforts in the Sahel. While Chad is France's last privileged partner in the region, relations with Russia are gaining importance, especially after the forced withdrawal of French troops from certain Sahelian countries.

The geopolitical proximity of some of Chad's neighbors to Russia, notably Niger, the Central African Republic, Sudan, and Libya, contributes to this diplomatic orientation. This approach could be interpreted as a desire to diversify Chad's partnerships.

On the domestic front, Vladimir Putin commented on the prospect of upcoming general elections in Chad. President Déby, designated as a candidate for the presidential election at the end of 2024, faces internal political challenges, with some accusing French interference. The visit to Moscow could be a way for Déby to demonstrate his independence from France and show his willingness to diversify Chad's international partnerships.



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