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CHAD / DIASPORA Promising Encounter at the Embassy: $200 Million Solar Energy Investment Project in Chad 


The Ambassador of Chad to the United States, H.E. Kitoko Gâta, welcomed a group of businessmen specializing in solar energy at the chancery, located on Massachusetts Avenue in Washington D.C., on Wednesday, December 13, 2023.


The meeting provided an opportunity for CE Convalt Energy, a New York-based company already active in Africa, led by its CEO Mr. Harris Achuthan Han and their financial manager John Phelan, to present an ambitious investment project. This project, valued at $200 million in the upcoming years, initially aims at an immediate investment of $10 million. It seeks to generate energy production of several tens of megawatts and modernize N’Djamena airport, totaling an investment of over $200 million in the coming years, enabling a total production of 120 megawatts.


Within this initiative, the company proposes a BOT (Build-Operate-Transfer) financing or a contract funded by the Chadian government. This meeting served as a platform for CE Convalt Energy to share the details of their ambitious plan with Chadian partners of the project, such as Dr. Haliki and Guy Djoken.


At the end of this informative presentation, the Ambassador warmly thanked this American company for its promising proposal and expressed an interest in welcoming them to Chad for the operational phase of the project.


Company Overview

Convalt Energy (CE, Convalt or Company) is a diversified multinational renewable power company that owns and operates renewable power assets. With extensive experience and a proven track record of operating renewable projects in extremely challenging countries, CE's team continues to focus on solar, waste to power and power transmission projects in the U.S., S.E. Asia, India and Africa.


CE’s expertise spans development of solar, hydro and waste to power generation, installing EV charging networks, power transmission in addition to solar panel manufacturing.


On the path to becoming one of few vertically integrated renewable energy companies, CE is focused on re-establishing the solar supply chain beginning with a 2GW solar module plant expected to go live by Q3 2024. Convalt will further expand with a second factory (Factory 2 ) – a 10GW ingot, wafer and cell manufacturing in the U.S. with a targeted production date of Q2 2025.


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