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Diaspora/Chad: The Inspiring Speech of Ambassador Kitoko Gata Ngoulou After Receiving the Ambassador for Peace Award


Saturday december 9th, 2023 - In a solemn ceremony organized by the Universal Peace Federation (UPF), the prestigious title of Ambassador for Peace was bestowed upon our esteemed representative, underscoring Chad's remarkable commitment to global peace.


During his moving speech, the Ambassador emphasized the crucial importance of collaboration in promoting peace, a foundational pillar for our overall well-being. Grateful for the honor bestowed upon him, he expressed gratitude to the Universal Peace Federation while acknowledging President Mahamat Idriss Deby Itno for the opportunity to represent Chad in the United States.


In a world plagued by conflicts, the Ambassador highlighted the urgent need to foster a culture of peace. He shed light on the humanitarian challenges in Sudan and their significant impact on Chad, calling for concerted actions to bring sustainable solutions to this crisis. With over a million refugees welcomed, the country faces major challenges that require compassion and solidarity.


The appointment as Ambassador for Peace is more than just a title. It signifies a deep commitment to embodying altruism, working for collective well-being, and promoting compassion. Emphasizing the UPF's Art and Entertainment Initiatives, the Ambassador highlighted the significance of such actions for peace and unity.


The Japanese tea ceremony, a meaningful moment in the program, illustrated the essence of compassion and kindness. This traditional ritual, more than a mere custom, symbolizes unity, altruism, and peace.


In conclusion, the Ambassador reiterated his commitment to peace, unity, and compassion. He expressed enthusiasm for contributing to this noble cause, joining a network of Ambassadors for Peace determined to shape a better world.


This ceremony showcased Chad's unwavering commitment to global peace, embodied by an Ambassador ready to work towards a world characterized by harmony and understanding.





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