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Visit of the "Chad Friends International" NGO to Her Excellency


Her Excellency, SEM Kitoko Gata, Ambassador of Chad, had the honor of receiving a visit from the "Chad Friends International" NGO. This delegation was led by the president, Ms. Manuella Baalzarh Papy, accompanied by the vice-president, Ms. Anselme Namanglouma, the secretary, Ms. Mariam Kayangar, and the advisor, Ms. Taoum Rebecca Ngartolebaye.

The main objective of this meeting was to present the missions and goals of the "Chad Friends International" NGO. This organization works to provide spiritual, physical, and financial assistance to disabled children and young mothers. Their commitment to these vulnerable groups in society is commendable, and they shared their vision with His Excellency SEM Kitoko Gata.

During this meeting, the NGO expressed its gratitude to SEM Kitoko Gata for his support and recognition of the efforts made to improve the lives of disabled individuals and young mothers in Chad. This recognition underscores the importance of solidarity and assistance within the Chadian community.

The visit of the "Chad Friends International" NGO has strengthened the ties between civil society actors and the Chadian embassy, highlighting the importance of collaboration for the well-being of the most vulnerable in society. This meeting also underscores SEM Kitoko Gata's commitment to supporting local initiatives aimed at improving the living conditions of Chadian citizens.

The "Chad Friends International" NGO continues its essential work by providing valuable assistance to those in need, and this visit to the Chadian embassy is another step toward achieving their noble goals.

We commend the commitment of the "Chad Friends International" NGO and appreciate their ongoing support for disabled children and young mothers in Chad.





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