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Investir au Tchad : Potentiel Économique et Opportunités d’Investissement"


On October 31, 2023 - A delegation from the National Agency for Investment and Exports (ANIE), led by Mr. Abdelkerim Idriss Deby, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ANIE, has embarked on a prospecting mission in Washington, the United States, to promote investment opportunities in Chad. This team, consisting of various members, is exploring economic opportunities and focusing on streamlining the investment process in the country.

ANIE is dedicated to facilitating investments, both domestic and foreign, and promoting Chad's economic development. It stands out with its one-stop shop for business creation, established in 2010, which has the mission of delivering commercial activity certificates, coordinating the creation, modification, and dissolution of businesses, ensuring compliance with legal deadlines, and overseeing the acceptability and conformity of applications.

ANIE is actively working to attract investments, both domestic and foreign, and simplify the investment process. It plays a central role in promoting Chad as a promising investment destination, fostering economic growth, job creation, and sustainable development in the country.

Chad offers significant economic potential, and ANIE is actively working to strengthen ties between Chad and the international business community. This mission aims to open new investment opportunities in a rapidly growing market, thus consolidating the key role of ANIE in promoting Chad's economic opportunities.


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