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Strengthening humanitarian partnerships


SUDAN/CHAD: Urgent appeal for substantial assistance in the face of rapid increase in refugees at Sudan-Chad border

Given the urgency of the situation, Ambassador Kitoko Gata visited USAID headquarters to request substantial assistance. In his discussions with agency officials, he highlighted the immediate needs of the refugees, such as access to health care, clean water, food and temporary shelter. He also stressed the importance of effective coordination between different humanitarian organizations in order to maximize the impact of interventions on the ground.

Strengthening partnerships:In addition to the plea for help, Ambassador Kitoko Gata's visit to USAID headquarters helped strengthen partnerships in humanitarian assistance. By discovering the agency's facilities, he was able to see first-hand the work done and the need for international collaboration to respond to humanitarian crises. He stressed the importance of strengthening ties between Chad, Sudan and the United States to ensure adequate assistance to refugees and host communities.

A call for international solidarity:The humanitarian crisis on the Sudan-Chad border requires a collective and united response. The challenges facing refugees and host communities are immense, but they can be overcome with adequate financial, material and technical support. Ambassador Kitoko Gata calls on the international community to mobilize to provide substantial assistance, while advocating for policies and measures to protect the rights of refugees and promote durable solutions.

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